Grinding Vertical Grinders

The Vertical Grinder is a stand alone grinder that sits on a stand, much like a food chopper, but it has a vertical face which grinds the coffee beans in two distinct steps. It’s important to understand how these two steps, or steps of operation, work so that you know exactly what type of machine you need to purchase, and how to care for your new machine. Vertical grinders are typically referred to as countertop grinders or top-feed grinders. They’re very popular machines and are used for a multitude of different materials, they’re very easy to maintain, clean, and adjust the grinding speed to obtain consistent excellent results each time.

Although not as deep or as wide as its vertical counterpart, the vertical grinder does have two major differences from its horizontal counterpart. One of these differences is that the grinder has two ‘z axes’ which work in different positions than the z axis found in a typical horizontal grinder. In addition, the vertical grinder offers an additional feature, the vibratory chuck, which uses a sliding plate to convey the grinding action between the two different axes.

Although it has two different kinds of grinding wheels, it utilizes a single stationary diamond cutter head. This means that there is only one diamond per grinding wheel, and this design reduces the amount of workpiece distortion. This reduction in workpiece distortion allows the vertical grinder to create a more accurate and stable workplace with less distortion during processing. The two other differences found between this model and similar types of vertical grinders is the level of clearance for the workplace and the way in which the chuck works. This is again another factor in reducing the amount of workpiece distortion.

A vertical grinder is designed to use one setup and all of the positions in the chuck are set up the same. Because there is only one setup, this allows for very clean operation and it also means that the workpiece will be much more uniform when the piece is finished. Because of the uniformity of the workplace, there is a far lesser chance of any workpiece being off centered during processing, another quality desired by many.

There are many uses for the vertical grinder and the ones mentioned here are but a few. It can be used in sanding applications where a continuous belt will grind small pieces of metal. The ability to work in close proximity to a machine, like the electric plasma cutter, reduces the amount of safety precautions required when working with electrical components. Because of the fact that there is only one setup required, it is possible to operate the vertical grinder in a safer manner than would be possible if the machine had two setups. In addition, the efficiency with which the stock removal process occurs greatly reduces fatigue and makes the vertical grinder an ideal choice for grinding applications in heavy duty machines.