CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine Tools

CNC Cylindrical Grinders are used to cut pieces of materials such as metal, ceramics, or wood. They are designed to fit into the hand crank or the arm of a drill press and to eliminate interference from the workpiece. Between centers with 90-degree turning wheels are used to form the outside of a work piece. This type of grinder can work with a wide range of shapes, but all the workpieces being worked on should have a specific central axis, like pins, shafts, cores, and many other types of fasteners. The CNC may be programmed to allow for specific types of materials to use.

CNC Cylindrical Grinder

A CNC Cylindrical Grinding machine is similar to a milling machine, in that the workload is at a high precision level. The major difference is that the CNC cylindrical grinder has a flat grinding surface, rather than a solid workload or work area. They are designed to work at very high speeds and are not used as a boring machine as the lathe or the saw are used. However, the CNC is also very versatile and can be used in a variety of different types of situations, especially where high precision is required.

CNC Cylindrical Grinding provides an excellent solution when a certain amount of grinding time is needed on a specific type of workpiece. The workpiece is generally located between two pins. There are typically a number of different types of grinding options available depending upon what type of workpiece needs to be ground. Grinding wheels are usually mounted on the lathe and the wheels can rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise to obtain best results from the grinding operation.

With CNC Cylindrical Grinding machines, the wheels can be moved in an array of different positions to attain the best grinding results. Grinding can also be done by hand using levers, but this can often lead to inaccurate grinding due to human error. CNC Cylindrical grinders are designed to produce high accuracy and high-speed results. With these types of grinders, the operator can move the wheel in a straight line or rotate it around a single point for accuracy in smaller areas.

The benefits of CNC Cylindrical Grinding machine tools are that they offer precise, consistent results and a far longer lifespan than manual or electric hand grinding. They can also provide customized work pieces by having the option to program specific work pieces for each batch of material. This allows the user to easily determine the proper grinding angle for a specific project. CNC Cylindrical grinders use electromagnetic energy for operation and are therefore very safe and efficient to use.

The CNC Cylindrical Grinding machine tools can also eliminate chatter and mechanical errors common with other types of grinding equipment such as the hammering and tapping the wheel head. The non-spindle position also eliminates chatter. CNC Cylindrical surface grinder wheels are made of durable alloy and are also equipped with anti-chop features to eliminate slinging during operation.