All About Coil Handling Equipment

Coil handling equipment is an essential part of the manufacturing process especially in the case of oil & gas sector. The term in simple terms refers to a machine that assists in the handling, loading, positioning and distributing of material of different kinds in a precise and efficient manner. Coil handling is not only confined to the oil industry but is applicable to any kind of industry that involves the movement of materials in one form or another. The basic function of such equipment is to provide a consistent supply of work to the operator.

Coil Handling Equipment

The major benefit of utilizing such a device is that it ensures consistency where each unit is placed for the same operation and this ultimately leads to efficiency and reduced operating costs. Such a system includes both a roller and a handle, which are the main component of the system. This roller serves as a guide for the operator while at the same time guiding the material from one position to another. In simple words, the coil handling equipment allows operators to perform a variety of tasks with ease.

The main mechanism used in such equipment is found on the handle that helps in the lifting or lowering of the reels. These reels are designed in such a way that they can withstand constant handle pressure irrespective of its size and type. The reels can be of varying shapes depending upon the requirements of the client and also the type of operations that they need to accomplish. The main mechanism is based on the concept of rotating and positioning the handle to change the rate of rotation of the reels. The speed of the rotating handle varies according to the needs of the client i.e. whether the materials are to be loaded or unloaded.

One of the main advantages of using coil handling equipment is that it facilitates smooth working of various processes as well as saving on costs. This is because such machines do not require manual assistance and other costly operating procedures. The equipment is made up of stainless steel coils or flat coils that can be customized to meet the client’s specific requirements. For instance, in order to lift very heavy loads and make quick movement even when there are multiple coils, the user can opt for custom designed heavy duty heat reels. Such custom designed coils can reduce the wear and tear of the machine and enhance the productivity and efficiency.

Another important aspect of coil handling equipment is its use of variable speed loop controls. It facilitates easy control of the rotating process through the adjustment of the speed of the motor. In this mechanism, a series of steel coils are placed between two rails, on both sides of which the motor is placed. A suitable number of these coils is determined by the type of operation to be executed and the size of the loads to be handled. This custom designed upender is controlled by altering the speed of the motor thus enabling the lender to move smoothly.

The final factor that is to be considered while selecting a custom designed under is the suitability of the equipment with the available space. Custom designed lenders can be used to lift any type of loads, which include rollers, corrugated boxes, floor mats, corrugated plastic sheets, etc. They are preferred over the conventional tilting paper rolls and other types of lenders due to their versatility and ease of application. These custom designed lenders have numerous advantages and can prove to be more beneficial than all other conventional lenders.