Straightener Feeder

A straightener feeder is a mechanical devise that gives heating and straightening to metallic sheets that have been heated. The heating plates or heating elements are made out of iron and have different shapes and sizes. Generally, the main purpose of straighteners is to give a roughened or Matt finish to the metal sheets that are to be straightened. These devices are manufactured by using numerous metal rollers and some types of machines. Basically, you can say that straighteners are mechanical gadgets that are used for the mechanical transformation of one shape or another into another.

Straightener Feeder

The common decroller feeders can handle almost all kinds of sheet including sheet magnet, sheet steel, sheet aluminium, sheet copper, sheet brass, etc. Also, the most important aspect of these products is that it can give an outstanding performance even up to the maximum temperature range. In fact, these products have been in existence since decades and it can handle all sorts of feeds; they can handle both hot and cold types of feeds.

The straightener feeder is usually fitted on the same frame as the lathe, and this happens when you buy the same type. You can find several kinds of straightener feeder that includes automatic, manual, semi-automatic, touch screen and thread-up feeding. The automatic type can give an even heating plate with a minimum heat input. Usually, it features a touch screen that is user friendly, and it can feed at a very fast speed. However, it has the least capacity to handle large size materials and loads.

On the other hand, the manual straighteners include only one arm with two straightening bars that allows for greater capacity to handle loads. This is very beneficial for those who need to produce small or even thin metal. Also, the semi-automatic feeders include the heating and cooling systems. This is the most used type of stamping press in the industry. Some other types include the threaded feeders, which allow the operator to insert and remove threaded rods in accordance to their size.

The most common and popular type of straightener feeder is the touch screen feeder, which has the additional feature of a touch screen that is controlled by a servo motor. This means that the operator only has to enter the required feed rate and the machine automatically does the rest. Meanwhile, the most expensive but most powerful straighteners are the threaded feeders. It can be manually operated or can be connected to the machine through a connection cable.

For the purposes of industrial applications, high-tensile steel plates are necessary. These plates are used when the wire is very thin. However, this type of machine requires heavy-duty servo motors. In order to get around this problem, the wire is coated using a powder or a suitable coating so that it will harden automatically. Other types of machines include the wire feeders that use a hand coil handling equipment along with the high-tensile steel plates.