The Importance of Coil Handling Equipment in Steel Industry

Coil Upender is an electronic device which provides stable attachment to a variety of equipment like: T-pieces, pressing machines, presses, cutting machines, lathes, mills and sheeting machines. A coil stock Handling system feeds, sorts, positions, unloads, gathers, separates, and stores material of different sizes and densities into the instrumentation of a manufacturing press. The main function of this electronic device is to provide support to the equipment through different methods. The most common types of the Coil Upender are:

Feeding systems: The Coil Upender mainly consists of two main parts – a rotary screw conveyor and a Servo Feed system. It ensures high reliability and flexibility in performance by the equipments. The system works well with the air-powered servos that help in regulating the speeds of the wire feeders. A servo motor is a type of motor that uses the mechanical energy of a source (motion) to act as an energy source. The basic servo motors are used for the attachment of air-powered coils and other components in large-scale industries. This is one of the major components of the Coil Handling Equipment.

Servo Roll Upenders: These are another important component of the Coil Handling Equipment. There are many kinds of the Servo Roll Upenders available in the market. They are designed to suit different types of the Coils. The main function of these upenders is to secure the coiled wires in place.

Wide widths: The wide widths of the Coils play an important role in the smooth functioning of the Coil Handling Equipment. They determine the amount of space required for the coiled wires. To hold large number of coiled wires, larger widths are required. Therefore, the size of the coil handling equipment should be such that it can accommodate the wide widths. For example, the Reel Feeding Equipment has a maximum width of 20 inches while the Feeding reels have a maximum width of 30 inches.

Operation of the Coils: The operation of the Coil Handling Equipment should be smooth enough so that the user does not face any problems during its working. When you operate the Feeding systems with the help of the Feeding reels, you need to make sure that the rotation of the shaft evenly distributes the pressure across the coils. If you have set the maximum load in any of the reel then you should check whether there is any resistance in the operation of the system. If yes then there are chances of damage of the Feeding system. So, you should check the resistance value before operating the system or else it might get damaged. The operating coils should not be overloaded at any point of time, because it might cause physical damage to the system.

Coil Handling Equipment: The Coil handling equipment come in various sizes, shapes and colors. You can easily get them from online stores and also from the local stores. There are some branded companies who are producing these Coils. But, for getting the best quality in the Coil handling equipment, you can consult any reputed company. Before buying the Coils, you should check the specification of the coils in the feeders and trailers. And if you do not know anything about the specifications, then you can consult any reputed steel coil dealer.