How to Choose the Right Coil Upender for Your Business

Coil Upender

How to Choose the Right Coil Upender for Your Business

A coil upender (also known as windbags) is a device that holds a metal or other material in position to allow the wind to blow against it. The main purpose of a coil upender is just to overcome the pull of gravity resulting from blowing a heavier object vertically. It is designed so that when the object is blown, the material it is standing on will be pushed down because of its weight. Therefore, if the coil upender has been well oiled and is strong enough, it can overcome all the pull of the air on the top of the object.

There are two kinds of coils used in these upenders. They are either wound coils or linear coils. Wound coils: These are the most commonly found and the most common type of coil upenders. The wound coils are the conventional type of upenders and they are made of iron or steel threads wrapped around a non-ferrous material. Usually, the more expensive kinds of coil lenders have stainless steel threads.

The other kind of coil upender is the linear coil. These are much heavier, but they can handle larger diameter materials such as rolls. Some of them even hold two or three hundred coils on wire rolls. If you are looking for an upender that can handle large amount of coils on rolls, then you might want to consider the linear type of upender. You can find these kinds of upenders in both portable and permanent models.

In order for you to determine which one is the best for your purposes, it is best to measure the load you wish to lift with the upender in hand. Once you have determined how much load you need to lift, take the manufacturer’s recommended weight for the particular type of coil you will be using. This measurement should be in pounds. If the manufacturer doesn’t indicate this number, you should make it yourself. This way you will get the right poundage for the threading on your upower.

In addition to weighing the coil you are going to use, you should also determine the maximum weight capabilities of your upower. It is best to select coil lenders that can handle the load in either categories (generally, the maximum load for the straightener and the maximum weight for the coil pack). This way, you will be assured of good service for years. You can buy coil lenders with various possible weight capacities, so you can choose the one that will work best for your business.

Lastly, you must determine the hydraulic system of your upower. There are two types of hydraulic systems: the single cylinder and the dual cylinder. The single cylinder system uses a single cylinder motor for all of its function. The dual cylinder system has an outer motor that controls both the upower speed and the air filter.