A Straightener Feeder Machine is a Must For Any Salon or Business Hair Straightener Business!

Straightener Feeder

A Straightener Feeder Machine is a Must For Any Salon or Business Hair Straightener Business!

The Decoiler Machine by Aida Electric is a quality electrical feeder for the hot water industry. The Decoiler Feeder is a highly versatile and convenient feeder for all types of applications including the manufacture of ceramic parts, metals and epoxy resin. This feeder can handle all types of material thickness and widths. It is also designed with an adjustable feed handle so it can be used on any type of power supply and type of machine.

The Decoiler Fitting is made from tough alloy steel and is anodized at the point of manufacture. A heavy-duty rubber feeding sleeve, stainless steel feed bar and thick rubber feeding sleeves ensure a long life span and optimum performance for this type of straightener. The feeders are designed to use the toughest and most durable components available on the market. Because the Decoiler Fitting is designed to work as a fully flexible equipment it is also easily upgraded when needed.

There are a number of advantages to using this type of straightener feeder. First, the straightener is very cost effective when compared to traditional heating and curing system, especially when operating under typical commercial manufacturing conditions where there is a need to treat large numbers of products at one time. Using a machine that feeds straight through material without the use of a heat source provides a much simpler operation with a significantly reduced repair bill over traditional equipment.

Another advantage to using a straightener feeder is that the straightener reduces the likelihood of a mechanical failure due to moisture or chemical exposure. Because the straightener is designed not to use heavy heat exposure, it is less likely to fail from these types of conditions. The reduced likelihood of mechanical failure provides a measure of safety for workers that would otherwise be at risk from the use of unvented systems.

Straightener Feeder Machines can be purchased from many sources both locally and online. Local retailers have the benefit of carrying parts and accessories in addition to the straightener machine itself which make installation and replacement easy. Machines that are purchased from the manufacturer typically come with installation instructions and have all of the parts available. It is usually necessary to purchase additional feeder components if the original machine is not of the same manufacturer as the feeder system.

The internet offers a great supply of suppliers of both new and used straightener feeder machines. Shopping online allows buyers to read detailed descriptions of each product, compare prices, and examine pictures of the item in question. Machines can be shopped for online in the comfort of one’s own home and can be shipped directly to a customer in one of two ways. Direct shipping requires the buyer to place the order online with the seller and arrangements can be made to ship the item directly to the buyer.