The Forms of Coil Handling Equipment

Coil Handling Equipment, also known as Coil Upenders is an integral part of the manufacturing process of many power production industries. It provides a wide range of services to its clients. It is used in different areas such as power handling, machine uprights, and wire feed systems. For better efficiency and enhanced output capabilities it is essential to choose the right type of equipment. As per the latest survey, the utilization of Coil Handling Equipment has increased at a rapid pace over the years. With an increase in the demand for these tools, the competition in the market has increased tremendously.

Coil Handling Equipment

Coil handling equipment usually stores, feeds, positions, loads, uncoiled and uncrossed material of different sizes and strengths into a single tooling system of a manufacturing line. Depending upon the specific application parameters and requirements of that particular line, this machine may comprise individual or integrated coil straighteners, coil supports, coil lifts, wire feed machines, servo extensions, electric feeds, spring feeds, and so on. These machines also provide an excellent alternative to manual work or to machines that are often costly in terms of labour cost and space requirement. Besides, it has enabled many industrial and commercial units to reduce the total cost of working with electricity and gas by almost 50%.

There are various types of Coil Handling Equipment, which is developed based upon the requirements and available space. The most common form is the T-frame system that is found in most of the industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Biotechnology industries, Refineries, Petrochemical plants and so on. It consists of steel coils of different gauge and shapes, which are then connected in series or parallel. This specific form of equipment enables coiling and straightening of coils and makes them ready for usage in a wide variety of industrial sectors.

In addition to T-frames, there are other important forms of Coil Handling Equipment that are widely used in most of the factories and fabrication shops. Among these are the screw conveyor belt machine (which provide for the automatic loading and unloading of large coils while simultaneously preventing tipping of the machine over), the screw up roller bearing machine, the rotary screw conveyor belt machine, the wire feed up roller bearing machine, the T-back up roller bearing machine, the T-rotate roller bearing machine, and the screw down roller bearing machine. The screw up roller bearing machine is commonly used in the manufacture of coils, wire and other components of wire harnesses and cable wires. The rotary screw conveyor belt machine is used to prepare coils for different gauges and is known to be the most flexible system among the entire class of coil handling equipment.

Another important form of Coil Handling Equipment is the hydraulic press technology. This type of machine facilitates high speed operation in the industries like electrical panel, automotive, chemical, power supply and the like. The rotary and the sliding roller and the wire feeders of this hydraulic press technology are made out of brass and are hence highly durable and robust. The hydraulic press technology also facilitates heavy duty and high speed production of the products with minimum disturbance to the customer.

All the above mentioned forms of Coil Handling Equipment are very useful for the various purposes that they have been designed for. The most common form of these reels is the rotary type, which is found in the horizontal configuration, while the vertical ones are manufactured and used for the purpose of preparing both thin and thicker gauges of metal. The variable speed reels and the ac variable speed reels are the other types of coil handling equipment, which is found widely in the hydraulic industry.