Straightener Feeder Guide

Straightener Feeder – the ultimate straightener machine. This is not your father’s metal stamping contraption. It is a modern assembly line production tool. It is a fully automated machine designed for precision and speed of work. This is called Decoiler Machine.

Straightener Feeder

It is manufactured by Decoiler Company, Germany. It is the ultimate straightener feeder machine that is suitable for the application where you need a high-speed machine to handle the work load of the cutting and straightening of metal stampings. It can be adjusted to handle large or small work loads. It can be operated with optional straightening accessories such as electro-statically controlled heat shields or electro-statically controlled ultrasonic vibration dampers.

The company provides the straightening feeders with various function instructions to help the users. This includes the manufacturers’ information, troubleshooting guides and installation guidance. They have been thoroughly tested to ensure their optimum performance and efficiency. Users get the opportunity to test the feeder before purchase by sending the defective unit for a complete inspection. Users can even send their existing machines for replacement if they are unsatisfied with their current straightener feeders.

Users need to understand the mechanism of operation of their straightener feeder machine before buying the product. This includes understanding the function of the heat shield, the coil, the feed unit and the lubrication system. The lubrication system helps in heating up the feed coil to a temperature sufficient for the lubricant to flow into the moving parts of the machine. The heat shield is responsible for deflecting heat away from the moving parts. It prevents damage to the feed coil and the machine as a whole.

Users need to select the correct lubrication system according to the kind of work they perform. Users also have to check on the support bracket of the machine before they make any purchase. They must ensure that the support bracket is designed to suit the machine and its user. Users need to select the correct heating element to be used in the straightening process. This includes selecting a suitable ceramic plate for heating the coil, appropriate heating elements for the welding of the plates and appropriate support bracket for supporting the plates during the straightening process.

In addition, users need to select a correct machine weight according to the amount of heat produced. This function instruction manual comes with various function instructions such as the proper placement of the heating element, the right setting for the lubrication system and the appropriate temperature range for the heating element. Users also have to ensure that they have followed the manufacturers’ instructions regarding the correct number of feed rollers for the complete straightening-feeding process. Users must follow the function instruction to obtain the best results from the straightening-feeding roller.