Straightener Feeder

The Hair Straightener Feeder is an exceptional tool that is utilized in straightening hair on your own. It will ensure that your hair is in the state of the best possible shape by taking a portion of your hair and wrapping it around the device. This will straighten your hair and keep your hair beautiful.

Straightener Feeder

The straightener comes with four separate heating plates for various purposes, namely: heat styling, moisture styling, oiling and straightening. You may use any of the four plates to create the style of your choice. The best part is that this straightener does not use heat at all! This means you will not need to invest on a lot of electrical appliances for this purpose. Thus you can save on your electricity bill.

The straightener uses ionic technology, which means your hair is coated with copper ions which remove frizz and protect your hair from damage. When using the straightener, you are required to apply some heat to the hair and make sure that it is directly applied onto the target area. There is no need for you to blow dry the hair, and there is no need to use many blow dryers. You may be surprised to know that the straightener produces very few ions and gets straight into the cuticle of your hair. This means the hair becomes smooth and shiny in no time.

There is a wide range of models available in the market for this purpose. Some of them are very compact and can be stored easily. They also come with several options for styling your hair such as variable heat, variable speed etc. This gives you the liberty to use the straighteners according to your convenience.

These straighteners are extremely safe to use and they do not damage the hair in any way. However, you should take care while storing it as they can get overheated. Once the storage period is over, you should make sure that the device is not exposed to direct sunlight as it may burn the hair strands. Also, you should never try to straighten your hair with the direct contact of the nozzle towards your scalp, as the chances of the hair being pulled or ripped are high.

The best option to store your straighteners is in the nylon garment bag. It is important to remove the plates after using them and then store them in the appropriate bag so that they remain protected. Before storing the straightener feeder, you should make sure that you have drained the entire solution and washed it thoroughly in lukewarm water. When choosing the right bag, it is better to choose one that has a Velcro strap attached to it so that it can be carried around without any difficulty.