Coil Upenders – Why You Need Them

Coil Upender

Coil Upenders – Why You Need Them

Coil upenders are an essential part of most construction projects. They are the most important tool in fabricating frames, beams, and columns as well as many other specialized designs. Even though it can be a bit difficult to do a good job of installing a coil upender, there are steps that can help make the job easier and more efficient.

The hydraulic cylinder coil upender machine is a unique design straightener with an exceptional capacity of lifting approximately 30T per meter. The entire process involved in lifting both ends of the coil at once, securing them to the straightened piece and then lifting it to the opposite end is generally called simultaneous lapping. The lift, which is achieved by hydraulic pressure, transfers both ends of the coil to the desired location. Although there is only a single method in which to lift the coil up, all of them are extremely effective due to their unique designs.

The hand held pendant is the most common design for a coil upender, it is the most reliable in transferring the coil weight capacities from 10,000 to 50,000. The machine is normally powered either by an electric motor or an air compressor. Although the process may be tedious, it is usually safe because of its built in safety harness and standard machine screws. The machine is lightweight and portable and can be used in a variety of settings from large construction sites to home jobs.

The hydraulic cylinder coil upender machine also comes with a high performance drive system that utilizes a variety of standard features such as bearings, ball bearings, and heavy duty bolts. Standard features include an oil holding tank that holds up to 8 quarts of hydraulic fluid, adjustable oil drain system, removable drain plug, five-position oil filter, variable speed transmission and variable drive transmissions. The machine is available in either diesel or electric engines, however the hydraulic engines tend to have a higher horsepower output than the electric versions. The electrical engines also feature a variety of standard features such as air compression system, air cooling system, battery charging system, spark plug recharge and variable speed fan.

Coil lenders utilize a variety of standard machine components and some of them include; universal joints, machine screws, machine hardware, wiring, machine motors, and aluminum frames. Most of these parts are precision machined solid components, and they have been designed and tested to ensure maximum performance. Some examples of these parts include; bronze bushings, aluminum shafts, bronze bushing kits, precision valves, and clutch blocks. Although all these components are essential parts, some models of the Coils Upender Machines may include; oil filters, lubrication fittings, and some even have the ability to change out the oil in your car according to the specification of the manufacturer. These machines are an excellent choice for the professional installer and for the DIY enthusiast.

The Coil Upender can be purchased from most automotive suppliers as well as from leading retail outlets. The internet is also a great source of information for finding Coil Upenders. Some websites even offer the opportunity for you to create a catalog for others to view. These machines will make your life much easier in that they will make your job easier in that you will have a safer vehicle when properly used. This type of machine is used for all types of automotive applications and should be considered when purchasing aftermarket auto parts for your vehicle.