Dec spoilers Straightener Feeder Machine

Straightener Feeder

Dec spoilers Straightener Feeder Machine

Electric feeders have long been an important part of industrial process rework as well as other applications. They are mainly used to straighten metal sheets or strip them at a high temperature. They can be used to make any length of electrical cable for lighting or hanging weight from ceiling to floor. They can be used in many applications where heat dissipation is critical and smooth, circular shapes are required. The Decoiler Feeder and Straightener Machine are one such example. This article looks at two of these machines in particular.

BRIEF PROFILE. Uncoiled straightener feeder machine is designed mainly to produce the thin sheet of metal stamping components. The basic arrangement: Coil feeding by a pull-off Rolled Coil decoupler, coil loop, straightener feed & Servo Roll lamination, ideal for sensitive or low production stocks, low speeds or particularly high-tempered stocks, saves factory space. The straightener feeder has a unique dual control system that provides for pre-load and post-load condition while working. The feeder also has an extremely efficient cold closing speed that ensures complete sealing of bearings during the complete de-stressing of the rollers.

FOCUS & FUNCTIONS. The Straightener Feeder consists of a series of cutting tools that facilitate both uncoiling and locking of the sheet. The main tools are situated at the back of the feeder. It has an adjustable travel spindle assembly for easy adjustment of the spindle movement. This facilitates straightening and coiling of large diameter and heavy gauge wire. A built-in helical swivel assists in the linear movement of the spindle.

Lubrication System. The FOCUS & FUNCTIONS & UTILATION system of the straightener feeder machine operate by the use of a lubrication system with a rotary type mechanism. The rotary mechanism is situated on the upper surface of the spindle and its rotary action is controlled by means of a rotary control valve.

The machine can be used for high precision straightening and/or coiling of any type of sheet. The cutting tools of the straightener feeder machine are extremely sharp. This is necessary for getting the right and most detailed end product. The high precision straightening tool is fully enclosed and is equipped with a high precision lubrication system for smooth and uninterrupted working. It can perform at least twelve hours of high precision straightening or up to eighteen hours of coiling and smoothening.

The operation of the CNC machine is smooth and easy. The machine has preloaded and preset tools for stamping metals of different shapes and sizes. The machine is equipped with a CNC feed plate, a high speed electric drum, a stamping press and a high precision bearing system.