Why Straightener Feeders Offer Smooth Welding Operations?

Straightener Feeder

Why Straightener Feeders Offer Smooth Welding Operations?

Aida Straightener Feeder, a professional grade electro-mechanical feeding system, can be installed into any facility. It provides a cost effective solution for the handling of electro-mechanical feed components. These feeders have an exceptional ability to handle both heavy and light gauges. The ability of these Feeders and their supporting components ensure accuracy and smooth performance.

Aida Straightener Feeder LFM series has many benefits. It has been designed with the highest quality electro-mechanical assemblies and parts making it the most efficient feed tray assembly in the industry. The reliable and powerful press HMI is used to manually control the feed rate and to view feed data.

A photo-electric magnetic looping is also present. This is a vital benefit for most applications requiring high accuracy and speed. A highly variable pulse width control enables the operator to vary the diameter and length of the feed trays. A unique screw shaft valuating device is present for electro-mechanical component tracking and for fastening the feed tray assembly firmly to the machine deck.

Aida Straightener Feeder has a number of advantages over other straighteners. These feeders are more reliable due to their superior construction. They can handle heavy gauges and are designed with a robust and durable core for reliability and strength against high loads. They come with an automatic locking mechanism that ensures optimum safety and optimum feed rates. The HMI feed rates are automatically adjusted to ensure optimum accuracy.

There are several types of straightener feeders available in the market. They are constructed of plastic or stainless steel, the former being more durable and resistant to corrosion and rusting, while the latter being light-weight for easy handling and portability. Plastic feeders are cheaper and are easily portable. Stainless steel feeders offer a higher feed rate and long life span for heavy gauge wire. However, they are costly and difficult to repair. Portability is another important factor for all electro-mechanical machines, and this factor is again met in Aida straighteners.

Aida straightener feeders are available online at affordable prices. Online shopping saves both time and money, as you can compare the various models and prices before actually making the purchase. You can find the right feeder for your application and need. With so many options to choose from, a straightener feeder ensures smooth and error-free welding operations. So go ahead, and make your welding operations error-free with the help of Aida straightener feeders.