Coil Upenders for All Coil Cars

The most common design for the coil upender is the hand held device, it’s the most widely trusted in moving the coil up weights to the desired weight levels from 10,500 to unlimited. The machine is usually powered either by a gasoline engine or an electrical motor. The power source can be alternated from battery to gasoline and back again. There are three basic designs, the screw drive, the belt drive and the screw pump. The screw pump is the oldest design and used primarily with metal coils.

Coil Upender

The basic function of the Coil Upender is to move coils up and down, this process lubricating the bearings, reducing friction and aiding in preventing rust. The machine has the ability to regulate the speed of the moving elements, thereby making fine adjustments to the proper operation and final results. This device must be properly lubricated or it will operate inefficiently. The use of lubrication reduces wear on the moving parts and increases the precision machined cutting speed.

There are a few different models and designs to choose from, the basic differences are in the level of lubrication available. The model with all the moving parts on a single shaft is known as a single-handle coil upender and is probably the easiest to use. The other design that offers the same functions is called the double handle. The design with two shafts is called the double-hand held pendant. There is a model known as the nest upholder which offers the same functions as the double-hand held pendant, but has the advantage of being able to lift larger weights.

The standard operation of a coil straightener is by turning the one-way mechanical linkages to allow the machine to lift the load and perform the necessary threading. As stated before, it must always be lubricated; having the proper lubricant ensures that the machine performs properly when the applied force is applied to the load. Lubrication prevents wear and tears on the moving parts and increases the strength and efficiency of the component.

Other important features are the ability to handle heavy-gauge steel, the ability to operate with one or two standard drives and the ability to have AC variable drives. The two standard features include the presence of an oil seal and a grease shield around the bearings. The grease shield protects the bearings from grease build up which is common with the operation of this type of equipment. The oil seal is necessary to ensure that the bearings run smoothly and do not clog.

Coil upenders are used for many different applications such as building large structures and lifting. They are often built to be extremely rugged, which is necessary because they will be operating in very harsh and hostile environments. They are manufactured by the most reputable manufacturers in the industry and come with a standard warranty that usually lasts for a lifetime.