The New Generation of Battery Powered Coil Upenders

Coil Upender

The New Generation of Battery Powered Coil Upenders

Does your business need a Coil Upender, or Coil Tiller? Why risk of costly damage to expensive equipment or possible injury to personnel? Professional Heavy Duty Coil Upenders provides a simple and safe method to turn heavy coils back over 90 degrees with no the use of cranes, slings, or hooks. Most brands offer models designed for different types of equipment and different types of jobs.

For example, if you have Auto Coil Upenders and you need to center the front of a pickup truck by 5 degrees, a common problem, you may want to use a “plus size” Coil Tiller. These can handle wider job sites and can be used in applications where you need to cover larger areas. Another option is to purchase a “bridge” model, which will allow you to center the coils while leaving access to the side for movement. Common uses are for widening front access to a loading dock or for covering wide spaces between two vehicles on a pick-up truck assembly line. The benefits to the manufacturer are that this version is much lighter weight and can be easily installed on the truck without any special wiring.

Coil Upenders are very versatile; they can be used in different applications for different lengths of cables, and most models offer some standard features. Most models will have an adjustable angle of about ninety degrees. Some models will allow you to manually complete the ninety degree turns. This is important when using coils to support multiples loads.

Coil upenders come in various configurations including variable angle and dual control. The variable angle provides a fine adjustment for load positioning. Dual control allows you to center or reverse the coils as needed for any given job. Many offer an automatic shut off after a certain amount of time to prevent overheating. Other features include an adjustable tension system, dual locking power controls, and an easy to operate control panel.

Feeding a cable through a upender is simple, and takes only a few seconds. To increase performance, consider purchasing coil handling equipment with a roller or swivel bar. These devices will be necessary for the handling of extremely long, thin or extra wide cables. Swivels can also be helpful for handling thicker cables. Some units will offer both Feed Attachment and Feed Chute attachments, which will be important for feeding large amounts of cables.

Coil lenders have evolved to meet the challenges of today’s market. Many models are lightweight, portable and extremely efficient. Most offer standard features such as dual controls and adjustable angles of operation. They are affordable and make an excellent addition to any assembly or manufacturing shop. For those who are considering a hand held pendant, the latest innovation in battery powered cable feeding systems is the new Coil Upender by Procoat.