Coil Handling Equipment Components

Coil handling equipment is a specialized field that is related to that of wire and cable handling equipment. In order to be able to use this type of equipment in your industry, you should be trained in this particular area. Many large organizations and factories make use of this kind of equipment to ensure that wire and cable are handled properly and safely. There are lots of advantages of using these specialized equipment. These include:

Coil Handling Equipment

– Vertical feed systems – The vertical feed system makes use of coil handling equipment. This particular system contains a series of vertical reels which are placed at different heights depending upon the requirement of a particular product. Depending on the required product specifications and demands of the manufacturing line, this machine may comprise separate or integrated vertical reels, coil springs, coil holders, upenders, air lines, etc. The vertical feeding system usually provides a more consistent vertical movement with reduced handling noise.

– Safety features – Most coil handling equipment has safety features such as an automatic safety stop device, dual-action safety lock, anti-static control, spring-loaded safety lock, etc. These safety features are designed to secure wire and cable against possible damage and prevent the occurrence of unwanted electrical shock. For additional security, special cables are used which are reinforced with Kevlar to provide extra strength. Also, special wiring is arranged in order to minimize the chances of short-circuit and create the necessary ground voltage. When coil handling is required on a high voltage surface, such safety features must be carefully selected in order to protect the equipment from extreme voltage fluctuations.

– Rotary widths – Different types of feed systems are provided for different situations. For instance, there are both direct and variable width rotary reels available. The former is considered ideal for fixed-width coils. Such type of feed system facilitates easier handling. On the other hand, variable-speed rotary reel systems have variable speed and hence are most suitable for adjustable width rotors.

– Worm Gear Reducer – A commonly used component in most modern applications is the worm gear reducer. This device is specially designed to reduce the number of power strokes needed to feed a standard or non-standard sized wire. Its unique design prevents the use of excessive clutch pressure. As a result, it improves the efficiency of wire feeding and enhances feed rate and thus lowers manufacturing costs. It also reduces drag due to counterweighting. Other important advantages of using this device include fewer parasitic cycles, improved center of gravity, and increased slip clutch life.

– Servo Feed Control – Another important component of most coil handling equipment is the servo feed control. It provides accurate air feeds for all types of electrical discharge and also ensures consistent and reliable operation. The servo feed control accurately measures the air flow through the discharge and hence can ensure that the correct air volume is delivered. It helps avoid inconsistent air feeds which are prone to mechanical failure and can adversely affect the performance of other components. Many leading service providers include servo feed control in their list of best selling products.